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[IP] Re: SpectRX...

 I took a look at this SpectRX patch infusion set. Okay, so supposedly it is
more comfortable...but I just have trouble believing that myself.

 For me, the most painful part of current infusion sets is when it first goes
in...and then, it is near the surface (unless I happen to go TOO deep where
there is little fat). Most nerves are near the surface. Also, the metal
introducer needle is the part that hurts. Once I take that out, there is rarely
ever any pain (again, except for those few times that I put it in the wrong
spot, such as too close to my pelvis, etc).

 Anyhow, this thing uses 5 metal needles that are very short, and therefore
close to the skin. It seems like movement or pressing on the patch would cause
these needles to pierce into the flesh more, and hurt...especially since they
are still fairly close to the surface.

 Perhaps, though, these fears are unfounded in practice. Has anyone actually
used these things (in trials, perhaps)? I'm curious abour real-world practice.
The only thing I can't stand about pumping is the insertion of the infusion set,
which hurts a LOT most of the time. After it is in, I'm fine. Maybe this will be
an alternative to avoid that insertion pain if my fears can be addressed.

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