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[IP] 9 free silhouetteinfusion sets 23" though

 i have 9 free silhouetee sets that are 23"inch though but anyone is welcome to
them my daughter used them for a while until we got the quicksets contact me if
someone can use them.

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Dear Don,
I am in exactly the same boat that you are in! And a rather lonely boat it
is too! I have plenty of Quick Release Sets but they just don't work nearly as
well as the Silhouette Sets do. I would love to use my legs but have
absolutely no fat on my legs and the occlusions with the Quick Release are so
much more prevalent for me. Anyway, I use my abdominal area and need to change
pretty often.
I wanted to write in the event that you hear from someone (outside the DFW
area) that you would rather not mail to or if you are overloaded with
requests. I have both the short and long needles for the 42" Quick Release
Sets (full unopened boxes) to trade for the Silhouette Sets. I have no medical
insurance and am totally unprepared to give up using my insulin pump. I've
been Diabetic for almost 40 years and on the pump for eight. I'm desperately
in need of Silhouette Sets and will happy to trade! I also have several extra
boxes of reservoirs (unopened) too!
Anyway, Please let me know how you are doing with your request to the
group. Also, I hope that your supplier will allow you to swap. That will
definitely be the easiest way for you to get your Silhouette Sets. Maybe they
will take mine too? Take Care! (~<>~)

Blessings, Katarina

I wanted to let you know that often times before I found the Silhouette
Sets, I would use the small area between my ribs to put my site. I KNOW! That
seems scarey for most people. However, there was never any terrible shock or
discomfort between my ribs. As a matter of fact, there was less pain. I just
had to make sure that my aim was good to get the needle in between my ribs!
ALSO when I did use the Quick Sets, it was very easy to get my site into
my back. There are some great areas on your back and once you get used to
doing your sites in your back, it's no big deal! It could be a great place for
children too because they can't mess with them. Again, it seemed less painful
there in my back than my abdomen. It was certainly easier if someone helped
but most often I don't have help so just manage to pinch a bit with one hand
and place the inserter where I want it to go and carefully get my tapes on and
everything was a go! Hope this information helps!
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Sent: Saturday, October 18, 2003 4:09 PM
Subject: [IP] MM Silhouette for Quicksets

Anyone in the DFW area, have any Silhuette sets they would like to trade
some Quicksets, 43 in, 6mm???

I can't get the @#$%^ things to work. Had a couple of Silhouettes that do
much better.
I'm too skinney and don't have enought fat (except a couple of 'love
I'm trying to save :)

I'm calling my supplier Monday am and and doing a swap , but that will take
few days and I'm on my last silhuette now ,

972-243-0984 NW Dallas/Farmers Branch area
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