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[IP] Calculations...what next to include? (And, thanks to Len.)

 I have been working (slowly) at incorporating logging of Protein, as well as
insulin calculation based on protein, into Logbook DM. I should have it done

 Thanks to Len on a change I made recently...which is to have a preference for
how much initial protein to "ignore" in the calculation. (He had stated that he
is supposed to ignore the first 5 grams of protein, and then bolus for the
protein as carbs at a ratio of 500%) So, Logbook DM will support that now.

 My question to the group is what other calculations do you do frequently
(either explicitly or instinctively) that would be useful? For example, one I'm
considering if a "high-fat" factor...which would be used to account for
increased insulin resistance with high-fat foods. My problem is that I need some
source of material that might document this in a way that could be incorporated
somewhat safely. (It was recently suggested that my problems with the BK
breakfast meal I eat might be due to increased insulin resistance to the high
fat content.)

 Anyhow, I'm looking for ideas here to help make life easier...and more


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