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Re: [IP] Freestyle Flash is "out"!

 It looks like they are trying to compete more with the One Touch Ultra with a
smaller meter. Looks cool. I do have two problems with it, however:

 1. It is still not as fast as the Ultra nor the BD Logic. (They say an
"average" of 7 seconds, which means sometimes more sometimes less.) I'm,
personally, not willing to go to a meter that takes LONGER than my current
meter, even if by a few seconds.

 2. They are incorrectly advertising it as the "world's smallest sample size".
Actually, the BD Logic uses a smaller sample size (albeit, by only .0333

 Regardless of these two, I did notice that they are advertising more
alternative testing sites now...not just forearm, several other locations as
well. That's nice.

 I'm hoping that this will lead to another version of the Freestyle Tracker, but
that will be compatible with a broader range of PDAs (Palm, Sony Clie, etc). I
actually would be willing to go to a "7 second average" time if it could
integrate into my PDA (and not be forced into using THEIR choice of PDA).


>See http://www.therasense.com/freestyleflash/overview.aspx
>The new, small blood glucose monitor by Therasense is out.  Can't order it
>yet but it does come with a Free data cable.
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