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Re: [IP] Paradigm 512 vs Cozmo

Oh My! I did not intend my questions about the Cozmo to be referred to as a
"pump war", please!
I really appreciate all the information that I can get about what is out
there and available so I can be of help to others. I genuinely was just
asking questions and giving information about the paradigm 512 that I
thought was misrepresented or just not known by some of the readers that
were making comments.
It sounds to me like they are very much the same, except for the waterproof
thing, they originally said the Paradigm 512 was water proof but then had to
say it was water resistant.
I do however love the BD link BG monitor and the fact that it automatically
talks to my pump so I don't have to input what my BG's are.  I do however,
hope that all this information about both pumps are helpful for those of you
trying to make a decision which one is right for you.
Thanks everyone!
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