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[IP] Re: gestational diabetes

You're right in that gestational diabetes is most often
associated with T2, and the vast majority of women (and
I don't know the stats off the top of my head either)
who go on to develop full blown diabetes will have T2,
not T1 or LADA. Aside from women diagnosed with T1
*during* the pregnancy, there are also some cases where
women had gestational diabetes and later developed T1
rather than the typical T2. That would indicate LADA
(which can take months or years and, in the beginning,
behaves much like T2, to the point that some people
have been misdiagnosed T2 and later re-diagnosed T1)
rather than the typical T1 variety (rapid onset, within
months). Hope this clarifies what I meant. :)

Take care, Kerri, mom of Shannon-13 (dx 11/96, pumping
HTron 11/99, pumping Cozmo 8/03) and her 7 siblings :)

Cindy said:
Hi Kerri,
There are documented cases of women being diagnosed
with Type 1 while pregnant. thought to be brought on by
the stresses of pregnancy. Rare, but does happen. I was
talking about women who had gestational diabetes which
goes away after baby's birth where they aren't using
insulin, and then several years later they develop
diabetes. That is the more normal path. Gestational
diabetes is even listed as a risk factor in developing
Type 2 diabetes. I think the percentage is around 30%.
I could be wrong on that - I'll have to do some
research : ).
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