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[IP] Re: Paradigm 512 vs Cozmo

>I've been watching with interest this discussion between the 512 and
>cosmo, I  have a question, my daughter has been wearing a saline pump now
for 3 days >she will be getting a pump in 3 weeks, I just found out my ins.
wont pay
>for the paradigm 512 but will pay for the Cosmo, it will pay for the 508 or
>paradigm as well, any comments out there concerning which of these three
>may be better for an 11 yr. girl?

I have had my Cosmo for about 3 weeks and really like not having to do all
the math in my head (with a lot of rounding) or getting out a piece of paper
and calculator.  It is easy to use as I'm sure the 512 is.  If your daughter
wants to be able to swim with her pump, she could do that with the Cosmo.  I
still take mine off even to shower as my 507C was not water proof (never
was) and old habits die hard!

I think both the Cosmo and the 512 are similar in the way they calculate
your insulin using your personal carb ratio (varying by meal if necessary),
adjusting to the BG target that you set and according to your personal
correction factor and figuring the unused insulin.  The 512 figures unused
insulin based on insulin activity that they got from the makers of Humalog
and Novolog - a higher % over the 1st couple of hrs but lasting 8 hrs.  The
Cosmo figures unused insulin based on the number of hours that you set - i.e
if you put in 3 hrs. it would figure 33.3% used per hour.  I guess it's a
matter of opinion which of these is better.  I think with the 512 you can
have different carb ratios with each meal.  One of the things that I liked
about the Cosmo is the custom meals,  you can have a different bolus set up
with each meal with different carb ratios plus special ones for pizza where
say 50% of insulin is delivered right away and the remaining over 4 hrs.  I
have ones set up for high fat meals, protein, to correct when I OD on candy
for a low (I figure how many carbs I've eaten over what I should have and
use a square or extended bolus over 3 hours because that is usually when my
BG jumps).  You can also name the boluses so I don't have to remember that
bolus 3 is pizza!  What I wish they had was the option to be able to use
both carbs or just insulin units.  Sometimes I just know I need a little
more due to stress or what ever and of course you can adjust the suggested
amount but it would be easier to have one of the custom boluses be for
insulin and not carbs.  So I have set up a bolus for stress and will just
pretend it's a carb.  Also would like for it to have a different BG target
by time of day and be able to vary your correction factor as well.  I need a
lot more insulin to bring down a high during the night and of course that is
when it harder to do the math.  I'm not sure if the 512 has these features.

The Cosmo does have software.  I think they were charging for it but mine
was free but I did have to pay for the infra red cable (I think it was about
$50.00).  The software does enable you to name your basal patterns, temp
rates, and custom boluses.  There are about 6 reports.  One is a complete
list of events (including changing any settings which may be more that you
want to know!), another is list of boluses including carbs and any BG
readings that you have entered. The others are summary of insulin units,
correction units, carbs, % of insulin as basal, etc.  I was hoping for
something that would help me track patterns better similar to the reports
with the One Touch Ultra where you can at least compare BG for specific
times of day.

It is easy to check the last bolus you had but if you want to go check
earlier boluses, you have to go to history menu at the bottom of the main
menu and then the bolus history is at the bottom of the history menu so it
is a lot of button pushing.  It could be displyed a little more concisely so
it reads easier.  I know they are coming out with software upgrade soon so
hopefully they make some of these minor changes and improve the reporting

All in all, I'm quite happy with it.  I think when they come out with the
meter to attach to it, that will make it easier as it is sort of a pain to
enter BG values. I will just have to pay for the meter at that point.
Software upgrades are free.

Age 45, Type 1 30 yrs, pumping 4+ years
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