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Re: [IP] reservoirs for the Minimed 512

At 10:22 PM -0400 10/20/03, Wayne wrote:
>I called Minimed and they said Ok but not to store them too many days. I
>said I keep in the small refrigerator in my office and they suggested that I
>take one out 1/2 hour before I use it. Don't exactly no why but I just
>filled three of them for the next 3 days. I figured if most people take 3
>day to go through one reservoir then I could get three filled and they would
>lat 3 days

Wayne, my reservoirs last 6 or 7 days (depending on the ice cream 
flavor)     :>p

I wouldn't see any problem with filling two dozen of them, IMO.   I 
believe that the life of an opened bottle of insulin is said to be 25 
days.  And that after that time there can be a very gradual 
diminishing of strength.   It is not as though the insulin goes 
completely dead, maybe you would have to use an additional 2 or 3 %. 
No big difference, particularly with higher dosage to begin with. 
Load up a weeks worth and see how they work for you.  I seriously 
doubt you'll see any difference between reservoir one and reservoir 

Best of Bgs,    George        :>)
(I glad that I'm Type 1, or I sure am glad I'm not Type 2, and I used 
to think my diabetes was hard)
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