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No Subject

 Juan Antonio <email @ redacted>
 Age 37, Type 1 for 10 years
 On MiniMed 508 and Paradigm 511, seriously considering upgrade to Paradigm

  I have been on the 508 for several years. Last year I got the Paradigm
 I thought it was an upgrade to the 508. It was not. However, I recently had
 start using the Paradigm because I ran out of supplies for the 508 before
 Medicare could authorize more. (No one told me that I must have an actual
 with my Endo every 3 months for Medicare to pay for the supplies.) Now I
 that they are totally different, almost like they were designed by totally
 different people. The logic in each is totally different. Also, the
 of the screen with respect to where the infusion set comes out is
 opposite. What were they thinking? I've reviewed all the pumps on the
 and, in my opinion, MiniMed still has the best laid out display screens and
 program features. Also, paramount for me is the ability to wear the device
 a pager so I don't look like a freak with a medical device. My only wish is
 they would make the Silhouette infusion set with completely clear tape so I
have a white spot on my abdomen.
 Oh well, such is the life with a chronic illness that sucks.