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 Meagan <email @ redacted>
 My name is Meagan, I'm 32 and I have had Type I diabetes for 22 years. I
was on
 a pump for a couple of years in the early nineties, put it aside and then
 back to it in 2000. I love the flexibility it gives me, although I must
admit I
 haven't given it the time it deserves in order to see my HbA1c's come down.
 (They still hover around 9%.) My latest adventure has brought me to Tokyo
as a
 teacher of science at an international school. I'm keen to meet up with
 English speaking diabetics in Tokyo, even better if they are on the pump.
 other latest adventure (more diabetes related) is the use of the Therasense
 Copilot web based diabetes management system, so I can keep my
 back in Montreal in the loop.