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[IP] Fw: Inserter for Sean

----- Original Message -----
From: Creative Gram
To: mindy beseler
Sent: Monday, October 20, 2003 7:27 PM
Subject: Re: Inserter for Sean

Dear Mindy,
    Go to www.minimed.com and look at their infusion supplies and inserters.
The inserter that I mentioned is order #MMT-300 for the Quick Release sets.
If this is the one that you use, just let me know and I'll send it right out
to you.
    If this is not the inserter that you need, call Mini Med and ask to speak
to a supervisor. Tell her/him that you are having SUCH trouble with getting
these sites in without problems and explain to them what is going on with your
son. They used to be so great about sending out inserters without charging for
them. OR go ahead and tell them that you WERE supposed to get one but never
received it and they will go ahead and forward one to you. I wouldn't feel the
least bit bad about giving them a sob story (which happens to be true). After
all, REMEMBER we pay an atrocious amount for these insulin pumps and supplies.
WE pay their salaries! If you don't get a promising response, call your rep
and see what they can do to help. It's thoughtless that they didn't supply you
with an inserter in the first place. . . . .. . . . . OK, I'm better now!

Blessings, Katarina
  ----- Original Message -----
  From: mindy beseler
  To: email @ redacted
  Sent: Monday, October 20, 2003 5:58 AM
  Subject: Re:

  Hi Katarina,
    We are so new to all this I'm not sure if the MMT-300 is the right one or
  not.  We are trying to insert the quick sets from the name it sounds like
  this might be the inserter for the sof set instead?

  ----- Original Message -----
  From: "Creative Gram" <email @ redacted>
  To: <email @ redacted>; "IP" <email @ redacted>
  Sent: Monday, October 20, 2003 3:37 AM

  > email @ redacted
  > Dear Mindy,
  >     I have a Mini Med Sof-serter (MMT-300) that I would be happy to send
  > for Sean if it's the Quick Release Ultimate and/or Micro Sets that you
  > Just let me know if this is the one you are looking for and I'll be happy
  > let you have it!
  > Blessings, Katarina
  > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  >   ----- Original Message -----
  >   Hi,
  >      I  was wondering if anyone on the list has a quick set inserter they
  > want
  >   to get rid of?  We tried inserting a sof set in manually and it got
  >   half way in and when he pulled it out - it bled like crazy! So now that
  >   have some quick sets we can try he won't even let us try putting one in
  >   manually.
  >   Thanks,
  >   Mindy
  >   Mom to Sean
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