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RE: [IP] Carb Counting with Fiber

From: Michael Kurtis email @ redacted

I have my best overall results counting total carbs and subtracting fiber.
I also account for low and high glycemic. I square wave high fats and when
meals include an abundance of low glycemic foods that tend to slow down
digestion while giving endurance and almost no BG peak.
One thing to remenber is that if you begin subtracting the fiber from total
carbs (especially if you like me already eat a high fiber diet, than I
suggest you concider a possible adjustment of your carb to insulin ratio
overall. Think about it. If you were ending low BG with previous fiber
meals, you probably will level off to better range after subtracting the
fiber, However if you are currently ending up in good range on High fiber
meals, you probably now need to adjust your ratio to work for the otherwise
reduced insulin. 
Good Luck
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From: Wayne email @ redacted
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2003 16:52:48 -0400
To: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] Carb Counting with Fiber

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I have a question that was discussed awhile back. If anyone could give some
advice on this topic I would really appreciate it.
I am refrering to count or  not to count the fiber. I have a 1 unit for 4
carbs ratio. Highly Insulin resitant 1 to lower 11 points.

For example, I am trying to keep my carbs down so I use a low carb bread
that just came out. They say 6 grams but if you look on the info it is 10g
per slice. Obviously, they are deducting the fiber for a net 6 grams

So my point is with this combo

Two slices of bread       20 carbs     or   12
One Boco Burger            9 carbs     or    6
two slices of no fat
cheese                              4 carbs    or   4

should I be using         33 G          or  22 G

 This is a difference of  3 units of insulin for me

I was told not to count the fiber unless it was 3 or more grams
I was also told to count the fiber
I was told also not to count the fiber

Any recommedations that are based on research or just go with my own

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