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Re: [IP] Paradigm 512 vs Cozmo

Yes, thanks, I'm very glad that the pump is working so well for me too. Can
you tell me what the Cozmo does that the Bolus Wizard doesn't? The bolus
wizard also has programmed information about me specifically, not just a
static number. It knows what my target is, it know my insulin sensitivity
and it know my carb to insulin ratio.
I'm curious to know.
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> >George,
> >I'm not really following your statement, "Sort of like having a computer
> >compared to a calculator, and you can adjust the program internally, not
> >your head!" Were you comparing the Paradigm when you said this? I have
> >Paradigm 512 along with the Bolus Wizard and it's really amazing. I was
> >shots for 17 years, so I do know how to calculate a lot of things in my
> >head, but what the Bolus Wizard does, is help you with what you already
> >and make it more exact, thus having better control. The feature I like
> >best is the active insulin number. It lets you know how much insulin from
> >your last bolus and basal included that is still active, so you don't
> >near as many insulin reations. I still can override anything that it
> >me to do, but it has allowed me to have less anxiety about lows and
> >for peaks and that's worth a lot. I don't have the Cozmo but they sound
> >they are very comparible.
> >Adele
> >
> I'm glad to hear you are doing so well, Adele.  Going on the pump IS
> like beginning a whole new life.  What I was meaning with the
> comparison is that the Cozmo allows you to put YOUR physiology into
> the calculations, thus it is more computer like.   The Bolus Wizard,
> while certainly a useful tool, is constrained in that you are
> accepting a static number, an assumption of what your physiology is.
> I simply see the Cozmo as a more powerful tool than the Bolus Wizard,
> similar to the way a computer is a powerful advancement over the
> calculator.
> Best of Bgs,  George               :>)
> Dxed April 24, 1964; "Reborn" August 13, 1998
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