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> Thanks Shawna  for your post. I'm not familiar with LADA. Is this what
> all adult onset T1 is now called?
> Bob Alexander

No, only if it's adult onset T1 that results from autoimmunity vs. Type 1B
(Idiopathic) which does not result from an autoimmune response.  Idiopathic,
by the way, is just another way of saying they don't know what the cause is.

The following also comes from the link I posted earlier and describes what
LADA is:

LADA - Type 1.5 or Slow-Onset Type 1 Diabetes:

Like type 1A diabetes, latent autoimmune diabetes of adulthood (LADA) is
caused by immune-mediated destruction of the insulin-producing pancreatic
beta cells. The main difference between type 1A and LADA is the age of
diagnosis - thirty or older. LADA is also known as slow-onset type 1
diabetes, late-onset autoimmune diabetes of adulthood, and type 1.5

What is it?

People with latent autoimmune diabetes of adulthood have little to no
insulin production because the beta cells of their pancreas have been
destroyed by their immune system. They have what is known as autoimmunity -
a type of self-allergy that causes the T-lymphocytes (or T cells) of the
immune system to attack the pancreatic islets as if they were a foreign
invader. Eventually, this results in the destruction of most or all of the
insulin-producing pancreatic beta cells. The only difference between LADA
and type 1A diabetes is that in LADA, the beta cell destruction has occurred
over years to decades instead of days to months.

LADA is often misdiagnosed as type 2 diabetes because of the late age of
onset.  A blood test for the presence of islet cell antibodies (ICA),
insulin auto-antibodies (IAA), and/or glutamic acid decarboxylase (a beta
cell protein known as GAD) can confirm a LADA diagnosis. The amount of
c-peptide present, a protein that is generated during insulin production,
can also help to differentiate LADA from type 2 diabetes.

Like other forms of type 1 diabetes, men and women with LADA require insulin
injections to normalize their blood glucose levels.
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