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[IP] Paradigm Priming question


I hope everyone is doing well -

 I have a quick question for paradigm users. I am having some problems when
priming. After I completely rewind and put in a new reservoir and start priming,
it seems like the "piston" is not recognizing that the barrel is there and it
keeps pushing trying to find the bottom of the barrel. The first time I got
insulin flying everywhere and ~60u where wasted by the time I realize what was
happening. I am not able to just stop it because it never gets to the part where
it starts tracking how much insulin it delivers in order for you to hit the
escape button. If you escape before it starts counting it just rewinds all over

 I have found a way around it by pinching the tubing (providing the resistance
it needs in the insulin flow) until it recognizes it and then I can escape. I am
going to experiment with another batch of reservoirs (I just got a new shipment)
to see if it is the reservoirs or if it is the pump. I hope it is not the pump
because I really do not want to have to send it back for a new one.

I just want to know if any of the Paradigm users had this happen to them.

Dx'd T1 2-11-'02 Pumping since 06-'02
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