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[IP] Re: gestational diabetes

>>From: "David Farfan"
Hmm, type 1 is NOT only an auto-immune disease. Type 1 can 
be drug
induced, surgery induced, infection/illness induced, and 
even trauma
induced. The pancreas is a very sensitive organ. So with 
that said, type 1
diabetes is no longer just consider an "auto-immune 
disease". On a side
note type 1 diabetic also can get insulin resistance, just 
like type 2.
Well type 2 is a different topic.<<

Hi David,

Type 1A is an AUTO-IMMUNE disease and will always be 
considered an auto-immune disease.  There is a sub-set 
known as idopathic, or Type 1B, which has unkown origins 
but is not auto-immune.  I apologize if there are any Type 
1B's out there for  overlooking you. 

Type 1's do not have insulin resistance.  A small 
percentage of Type 1's do go on to develop insulin 
resistance but then they are considered to have both Type 
1 and Type 2.   This is uncommon, however.

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