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[IP] Re: Most Pumps Good

I can only guess that ALL the pumps are good, just each has its own quirks
(features, to be nice) that suit individuals better :-)

waterproof is not important to me, but it might be to some one else, and the
ability to hold it with 'arthritic' hands (not the cause, but certainly the
result) may make one shape better than another, while ease to read and deal
with menus is also very individual specific :-)

Yep, we don't need any wars, (that seems to be a problem here!), but you
know, if users could list both pro and con for a specific model, a person
joining the list, looking to make an informed decision might be better

----- Original Message ----- 

> >>>>>>and the pump is helping me get there (the ability to
> correct a slightly elevated BG is a #1 reason for a pump, isn't it?  I
> I would never correct with a unit or 2 on MDI)
> Michelle<<<<<<<
> -*************************************
> Michelle, I didn't know how much the Cosmos and Paradigm were alike.  My
> MM Paradigm does the exact same things.   In two weeks my life has
> significantly.  I am not having 1/2 as many highs and lows as I did on the
> 508, which usually occurred due to "user error".   I am starting to
> recognize lows before they hit the usual 31.  The reminder (mine vibrates)
> to check bg is very helpful.  I have reduced my insulin daily intake by
> approximately 20% in two weeks.  I feel better (not so many ups and
> My last, pre-paradigm HbAic was 6.5.  I know the next one will be even
> better.  I love what my Paradigm does for me.  It is based on what I
> into it with my trainer, just like any computer.  I recommend it highly,
> although this is a rare statement on this list, I have to say it, it
> like both pumps are great!  (No wars, now)
> Pump on!!!
> Bonnie from Bama
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