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[IP] Auto immune types

This thread about types of diabetes and causes is so interesting.  When I
was diagnosed with Type I, at the age of 44 in DKA with BG 1208,
semiconscious, the emergency room team and the three endocrinologist at this
hospital were so interested in my case.   Seems it was rare for anyone my
age (and a perfect profile for type 2 - fat, forty and female) to "get Type
1".   I had a very serious viral infection, sinus based- exactly 6 weeks
before.   The endos ran all sorts of tests and all concluded I was
definitely type 1 and started me on insulin immediately.  I got to stay in
the hospital for two weeks with all these cute 18-20 year old guys.   

There are two very strong beliefs that came from that event.........Type 1s
get sympathy, Type 2s get "if you would just lose weight and exercise" and
are made to feel guilty. That is such a horrible stereotype.    And 90% of
physicians, give women with type 2 a shake of the head, tell them to lose
some weight and watch their sugar.   Not a single one I have talked to has
ever been told to get a blood test meter and test often, been to a
nutrionist, knows hoot about carbs, or has complete understanding of how the
high blood sugars affect their body.   

So, can I be grateful that I have Type 1?  Not really.  But, I am grateful
for the education.  I have had it for 18 years and have NO complications and
I work hard to control my diabetes, not let it control me.  That is what I
remember telling myself in the hospital when the doctor said   [to a
southern girl, can you imagine?] "you can never drink cocola again and you
can never go barefooted again!!"  Well, I drink diet coke and I go
barefooted all the time.  I know, however, the longer I have this disease,
the greater the chance of having complications, even with good control.  

As a type 1, I had two weeks of intensive hospital treatment and education
about what diabetes does and what is required to keep it in as close control
as we are able.  I seriously believe if all Type 2s, even "borderlines" were
given that kind of education, we would have half as many amputations, failed
kidneys, blindness in Type 2s.  

OK. next subject/I do have a question............What exactly does
autoimmune mean.  I know what the words mean, but what is it?   I am
literally never sick, extraordinarily healthy.  I have never had the flu,
get a cold once every three years or so, all I have is osteo arthritis.   I
haven't been to bed with sickness since the four days I was in bed with the
infection that "got me" diabetes.   How is my autoimmune system
affected.....? Thanks in advance, cause I know someone will explain it
Bonnie from Bama
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