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[IP] Latest from Roche with regards to Disetronic

The following is an excerpt from their 10/16/03 Q3YTD press release.


"Diabetes Care: leadership in blood sugar monitoring expanded 

 Sales by Roche Diabetes Care in the first nine months of 2003 were up 12% in
local currencies, despite the slower growth currently being seen in the diabetes
market worldwide. Once again, this successful performance was driven by the
Accu-Chek Compact, Advantage and Active product lines. The integration of
Disetronic and the development of a new generation of insulin pumps, scheduled
for launch in the second half of next year, continued according to plan. Sales
by the newly-acquired insulin pump business grew by a substantial 12% in Europe
and by 5% worldwide. Roche is working closely with the FDA to address the
agency's concerns about Disetronic's production processes and documentation and
has taken steps to resolve these issues."


 1) Despite the FDA, Disetronic has managed to grow its pump business, however
they do not mention actual market share which could have nontheless declined.

2) Confirmation of a next-generation pump in the 2nd half of next year. 

 My hope is that the new Disetronic pump will be a leap forward in technology;
borrowing from the ADICOL clinical trials and closing the loop between a glucose
sensor and an infusion system, giving us an artificial pancreas.

 Until that time, I intend to stay the course with my H-TRONPlus' & D-TRONPlus'
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