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[IP] Both Pumps Good

>>>>>>and the pump is helping me get there (the ability to
correct a slightly elevated BG is a #1 reason for a pump, isn't it?  I mean,
I would never correct with a unit or 2 on MDI)

Michelle, I didn't know how much the Cosmos and Paradigm were alike.  My new
MM Paradigm does the exact same things.   In two weeks my life has improved
significantly.  I am not having 1/2 as many highs and lows as I did on the
508, which usually occurred due to "user error".   I am starting to
recognize lows before they hit the usual 31.  The reminder (mine vibrates)
to check bg is very helpful.  I have reduced my insulin daily intake by
approximately 20% in two weeks.  I feel better (not so many ups and downs).
My last, pre-paradigm HbAic was 6.5.  I know the next one will be even
better.  I love what my Paradigm does for me.  It is based on what I "input"
into it with my trainer, just like any computer.  I recommend it highly, and
although this is a rare statement on this list, I have to say it, it sounds
like both pumps are great!  (No wars, now)
Pump on!!!
Bonnie from Bama
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