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Re: [IP] Re: obesity and Type 2, CDC

I've been a type 1 since 1940 age 5. now 68 and 135-38 soaking wet:)

I've watched my wife fight the weight gain and her FBS go up to about 118,
last week.
It is just a matter of time till she hits the number for a Type 2.   She is
not obese, just overweight. ( I'm not sure what her weight is AND I'm damn
sure not going to ask!!!! :(  Her mother and a couple of aunts were type 2's

She has tried just about every weight loss diet there is. Don't work , I
loose weight and she gains. ( if it wasn't for IHOP's I'd starve :)

I'm convinced that the cause of type 2 is weight gain, BUT  !!!!  Weight
gain is in your genes, don't matter what you eat.
(I've seen the old girl eat lettuce for a couple of weeks and gain weight,

type 1 @ age 5   1940

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