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Re: [IP] Re: obesity and Type 2, CDC

My question has been and still is? If Type 2 diabetes is due to weight and
exercise. Then why are some of the biggest most sedentary people I know
living without diabetes, You either are pre disposed or not, In fact when I
lost 40 lbs and worked out one hour everyday my Hb1c went from 7.2 to 11.
Then I went on insulin and gained the weigh back plus 20 extra. It can not
only be weight and diet. My 2 brothers have it an one is 150 lbs soaking wet
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From: "George" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Monday, October 20, 2003 12:33 AM
Subject: Re: [IP] Re: obesity and Type 2, CDC

> >  > Absolutely true.  It also does no good to ignore important facts.  No
> >>  one should feel guilty or blame themselves for having diabetes.  The
> >
> >Yes, something we should all remember.  Especially when we're in the
> >doctor's office being blamed.
> Kathleen, that is another place where we really need to get the truth
> to the public.  And we are the first ones that need to learn that if
> we hear those words, we have a "non-compliant" doctor.  From this day
> forward I want everyone on this list to acknowledge that there is no,
> nor has there ever been,  a "non-compliant diabetic".  THAT phrase is
> only a crutch that the non-compliant doctors use for their laziness.
> >  > best thing to do is get all the facts and then try to deal with it as
> >>  best you can.  It's a personal choice as to whether you go the lose
> >>  weight, exercise, diet change route or choose to take insulin and not
> >>  change your lifestyle.  And no one has the right to judge anyone's
> >>  choices.  But there are different choices that work.
> >
> >
> >And what's even worse, is when you DO do the life style changes -- do the
> >exercise thing, do the diet change thing, it doesn't change else, and you
> >STILL get diabetes.  That's the boat I've in for the last few years.
> >
> >And one of the nastiest boats, because everyone assumes that you DIDN'T
> >the lifestyle changes.  In fact, there is not much worse.  Accept maybe
> >hearing that the latest study telling the parents they did something
> >that caused their kid to get diabetes young.
> And if anyone assumes anything about me, they will have to realize
> that THEY are both the "u" and the "me" that they have made an "ass"
> of.  Don't ever accept any of these 'labels' from those who really
> don't know what they are talking about, particularly those lazy
> "non-compliant" doctors!   :>p
> George
> a diabetic and that is the ONLY label I accept!     ;>)
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