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Re: [IP] Paradigm 512 vs Cozmo

>I'm not really following your statement, "Sort of like having a computer
>compared to a calculator, and you can adjust the program internally, not in
>your head!" Were you comparing the Paradigm when you said this? I have the
>Paradigm 512 along with the Bolus Wizard and it's really amazing. I was on
>shots for 17 years, so I do know how to calculate a lot of things in my
>head, but what the Bolus Wizard does, is help you with what you already know
>and make it more exact, thus having better control. The feature I like the
>best is the active insulin number. It lets you know how much insulin from
>your last bolus and basal included that is still active, so you don't have
>near as many insulin reations. I still can override anything that it tells
>me to do, but it has allowed me to have less anxiety about lows and planning
>for peaks and that's worth a lot. I don't have the Cozmo but they sound like
>they are very comparible.

I'm glad to hear you are doing so well, Adele.  Going on the pump IS 
like beginning a whole new life.  What I was meaning with the 
comparison is that the Cozmo allows you to put YOUR physiology into 
the calculations, thus it is more computer like.   The Bolus Wizard, 
while certainly a useful tool, is constrained in that you are 
accepting a static number, an assumption of what your physiology is. 
I simply see the Cozmo as a more powerful tool than the Bolus Wizard, 
similar to the way a computer is a powerful advancement over the 

Best of Bgs,  George               :>)
Dxed April 24, 1964; "Reborn" August 13, 1998
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