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[IP] Re: What's your basal supply as a % of your TDD?/ do your insulin needs change?

the seasons make a differnece to me, for years i thought it was becuase i
ate more in winter, etc, but even when i count carbs,e tc and know that is
not the case, it takes mroe insulin in fall and winter than in spring and

that is just diabeasties, it keep sus on our toes!!

dx 1969, age 11
less than 2 wks on my new Cozmo
----- Original Message ----- >
> By the way, how many of you have changing insulin needs from time to time?
> was hoping I'd even out after going on the pump, but I still go through
> where I'll be fine for a few weeks at one set of rates, then suddenly have
> raise or lower a certain time of day because I've suddenly changed.  For
> example:  Last week I started climbing 100 points between dinner and
> After about 4 days of this I figured I should raise my 9pm basal.  I'm
> tweaking it upward by .1 every night until I even out.  There's no rhyme
> reason to this swings, they happen whenever, for a while, or they last for
> months.  It has nothing to do with menstrual cycles, being sick, seasons,
> activities, or any other variable I can find except that I think my
> just has a weird sense of humor.  Any ideas?
> Thanks!  Yessi Palmer
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