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Subject: [IP] What's your basal supply as a % of your TDD?/ do your insulin needs change?

>But the question to you IPers out there is: what's your percentage of basal
>supply with respect to your TDD?? I'm keen to find out if & why I'm
>seemingly out of the normal range!

>- - Leszek Vincent

I eat the recommended amount of carbs for my height/weight (according to the
Pumping Insulin book).  My TDD is right around 20 units, but my basal insulin
ranges from 6.2 - 7.4 units daily.  My doc tried very hard to make my basal
rates fit into the prescribed percentages, but my body wouldn't cooperate.
Now I do what works for me.

By the way, how many of you have changing insulin needs from time to time?  I
was hoping I'd even out after going on the pump, but I still go through trends
where I'll be fine for a few weeks at one set of rates, then suddenly have to
raise or lower a certain time of day because I've suddenly changed.  For
example:  Last week I started climbing 100 points between dinner and bedtime.
After about 4 days of this I figured I should raise my 9pm basal.  I'm still
tweaking it upward by .1 every night until I even out.  There's no rhyme or
reason to this swings, they happen whenever, for a while, or they last for
months.  It has nothing to do with menstrual cycles, being sick, seasons,
activities, or any other variable I can find except that I think my pancreas
just has a weird sense of humor.  Any ideas?

Thanks!  Yessi Palmer
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