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[IP] RE: Gestational Diabetes, then Type1 (long)

Dear Shawna,
OK! Egg, on my face.

My apologies. Yes, you are correct about that! I should not have made the 
assumption you were speaking of only Type 1 A. 
Maybe, it was an over-reaction, on my part. 

(It would have been helpful to include these classifications in your original 
post.  I can be too literal, at times.)


>When I said "not all Type 1's are auto-immune, so I don't think 
 that'stoday'sdefinition of it," I was referring to the small sub-classification
of Type1's
known as Type 1B.  There are new labels and definitions of Diabetesthese days 
and Type 1 is now being broken down into different subtypes:
Type 1A (autoimmune)
Type 1B (idiopathic - not autoimmune)
LADA (Latent Autoimmune Diabetes of Adulthood)<
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