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[IP] Carb Counting with Fiber

I have a question that was discussed awhile back. If anyone could give some
advice on this topic I would really appreciate it.
I am refrering to count or  not to count the fiber. I have a 1 unit for 4
carbs ratio. Highly Insulin resitant 1 to lower 11 points.

For example, I am trying to keep my carbs down so I use a low carb bread
that just came out. They say 6 grams but if you look on the info it is 10g
per slice. Obviously, they are deducting the fiber for a net 6 grams

So my point is with this combo

Two slices of bread       20 carbs     or   12
One Boco Burger            9 carbs     or    6
two slices of no fat
cheese                              4 carbs    or   4

should I be using         33 G          or  22 G

 This is a difference of  3 units of insulin for me

I was told not to count the fiber unless it was 3 or more grams
I was also told to count the fiber
I was told also not to count the fiber

Any recommedations that are based on research or just go with my own

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