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[IP] Re: basal percentage of total insulin

 I too used to be at about a 50% basal to total insulin ratio, but after
switching from Humalog to Novolog and getting really high after meals, followed
by rapid drops, my endo lowered my basals and increased my bolus to carb ratio
from 1:12 to 1:8. So now, my basals are only about 35 to 40% of my daily totals.
For instance, my total basals are 13.2 units, whereas my daily totals average
about 35 units. So, as usual, it's ymmv. Pam

<But the question to you IPers out there is: what's your percentage of 
supply with respect to your TDD?? I'm keen to find out if & why I'm
seemingly out of the normal range!>
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