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[IP] What's your basal supply as a % of your TDD?


My daughters basal to TDD is 20-30% depending on the day.  Of course 
she's 2 yo and a carb fiend.  "Pasta, more pasta", "Odurt please" 
(Yopait!), 1-2 banana's per day, "bread butter please" and her favorite 
"Pancakes!!!" (very little to no syrup).

Our endo has been urging us to move up our basals.  If we do that, 
she'll be crashing.  I don't guarantee that her basals are flat 
(probably nowhere near), but we can leave her without food for long 
periods of time (3-5 hrs or all night) and not have her BG fall off the 
cliff (or soar).

My suggestion, do what works for you and don't worry about the ratios.

David Jensen
Father to Sigrid, Dx 9/02 @ 11 months, Pumping Cozmo 4/03.

On Saturday, October 18, 2003, at 08:01  PM, insulin-pumpers-digest 

> Date: Sat, 18 Oct 2003 13:32:09 -0500
> From: "Leszek Vincent" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] What's your basal supply as a % of your TDD?
> Dear IP'ers,
> I'm in the process of tweaking my basal rates because of some trends of
> unsafe low BGs.
> In the Walsh & Roberts book, Pumping Insulin (3rd ed.) (p. 95) it 
> mentions
> that research studies show that the nondiabetic individual uses about 
> 45% of
> the body's total daily insulin production as basal insulin. It goes on 
> to
> mention that ones basal rates should make up between 45% to 60% of 
> your TDD
> (total daily dose). Checking my basal rates (via my MM508) I note that 
> my
> basals comprise ~33% of TDD. This could explain my trends of lows, 
> possibly
> being due to excessive bolusing for meals (although my insulin:carb 
> ratio
> seems accurate). However, when I tweak some approapriate basals higher 
> to
> move closer to the 45% of TDD I'm running into problems of hypos when
> avoiding meals. So, it seems that I don't have much lattitude to 
> increase my
> basals upwards to move closer to the 45% - and, yes, I may have done 
> the
> tweaking at the wrong times in my 24hr basal cycle - I'm working on 
> that.
> But the question to you IPers out there is: what's your percentage of 
> basal
> supply with respect to your TDD?? I'm keen to find out if & why I'm
> seemingly out of the normal range!
> Thanks.
> - - Leszek Vincent
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