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RE: [IP] bd logic meter E-3 error messages & downloading data

I have 2 BD meters, one is the Paradigm Link and the other is the BD
Logic which I got free when I purchased 100 strips.  The Paradigm Link
wirelessly transmits your BG level to the pump.  The BD Logic does not
have the wireless capability, but is otherwise the same monitor.

I like the 5 second response, however I think this encourages the E-3
responses, as you have to hold the meter at just the right angle and
have the right amount of blood ready or the E-3 will be your result.
Basically, I find that when I touch the blood on my finger I must make
sure the meter is either straight or only slightly at an angle.  If it
does not suck the blood in all at once before it starts counting, it
will start counting before the strip has the blood and the result will
be an E-3.  

My main gripe is a rant at Minimed.  Although the manual says you can
download both link data and pump data to your PC you can not.  BD's
software will not work with the BD Paradigm Link only with the Logic.
Minimed has their Solutions software, which is not available to end
users, only doctors.  When asked why, Minimed told me this was so my
doctor can support my use of the software.  However my doctor, although
a great diabetic specialist, is not a computer user.  I have worked in
tech support in IT departments and worked in IT management.  I know
computers a whole lot better than my doctor and have at many times
helped their office with computer related issues, ie..  I figured out
how to download the pump data through the CGMS reader and I downloaded
my own CGMS data and printed the reports.  So this policy is so
ridiculous.  So, for now, I am back to using my DEX.  I can download the
results and print many useful views/stats.  Minimed did suggest I could
manually record the data until their Solutions software was available,
however I have been downloading my log book from the meter for at least
5 years now, so why I would want to go back to a manual process is
beyond me.  I do manually add in my boluses to the meter download data,
and my expectation was that the minimed software would get this info
from the pump directly, so I would not have to do it.  Basically, I was
hoping for a merge of the info from the pump download and my glucometer
data, however they do not want to sell this to me, only to a health care
provider.  Anybody know how I can get a health care provider label that
minimed will recognize so I can get their solutions software?


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 No your not over 50% of my tests I get a E-3 , I hate the meter.

Am I the only one having trouble with the BD Logic bloodtesting machine?
get so many E-3 messages.   I have decided to save the strips for
October and 
mail them to BD.   So far I have 7 strips.   I have read and reread the 
 instructions but I am still getting the E-3 message. BD gave me two
machines. The first two had error problems where they were telling me my
BG was 100 over 
what it actually was.   Now I have two new machines and they are free
with my 
 insurance but it is not worth all the effort. Is high humidity the
 My place has been very humid lately.   I am right on the St. Lawrence
  My One Touch Ultra never had this problem.   I keep that as a spare.

Jim Durr


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