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[IP] Cozmo: Pros and Cons (LONG)

Well, I got my new Cozmo 'installed' on October 8th
So far, here are MY (personal) pros and cons for it:

-reminders to recheck BG levels X time after last bolus or at certain time
frame (say you always eat between 11 and 12 at work)
-meal bolus can be figured from carb intake (enter the carbs, this
calculation uses the ratio YOU input)
-pump can automatically ask you if you want to make a correction bolus when
you do a meal bolus (it uses YOUR target BG level and figures on on board
insulin) and this option can be turned ON/OFF
-menus are very friendly, and easy to set
-temporary basal is easy to use, as a percentage, so exercise can be done at
say 50% or 75% (uses percentage and length of time)
-meal bolus options: std, extended and combination (when doing either of the
last two, you can use percentage, i.e. for the combo: 75% now, 25% over next
2 hrs)
-on board insulin feature makes suggestions when you are ready to do
corrections, and so far, FOR ME!!, they are pretty close for part of the day
(the part where my bolus is correct!!)  They can be overridden, as they are
-pump shape like a cell phone, may be easier for arthritic hands with dropsy
trouble to handle ( I can hold it easily, and the thinner ones were a
problem for my hands!)

-the same pump shape is thicker than other pumps, may cause trouble in where
to wear on some body shapes!!
-the pump bottom is round, so dropping in a pocket may not work so well
(didn't for me, kept tipping, then folding the tubing at the res tip)
-data is downloadable to the program My Treatment Assistant, which is being
revised in Jan, according to Deltec) but uses an IR 'port'.  The software
was free, but I will have to buy the IR cable

My Conclusion:  the Cozmo uses things YOU input and the better you have
these things the better the pump can help you maintain satisfactory BG
levels (carb/insulin ratio, glucose/insulin level, target BG level, how long
insulin lasts, etc)  <that would be tue for any pump>

Small print/disclaimer: These are MY observations and are not inclusive of
all the pros or cons. <g>  I have not yet gotten the basals right for me for
afternoon/evening, and have not messed with setting up different basals for
'hormonal weeks', nor have I really gotten all of the things mentioned in
the conclusion above as close as  I think they can be, but this is a new
learning experience for me!!  I don't know if I feel better because I have
had less highs/lows or because I feel more in control, but pumping is where
I need to be :-) and the pump is helping me get there (the ability to
correct a slightly elevated BG is a #1 reason for a pump, isn't it?  I mean,
I would never correct with a unit or 2 on MDI)

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