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[IP] Re: Is the Paradigm update worth it?

>I just got my Cozmo (I know, I know, different pump) but LOVE the on board
>insulin features, correction options,and using carbs to determine how much
>insulin, and the pump DOES give the recommendations, and you still have to
>say YES/NO, and all t he calculations are based on things input on your pump
>(target BG level, carb ratio, how long insulin lasts for you, and how much
>insulin it takes you to move XX points on the BG scale, etc)  We know these
>things are estimates, and that what works one day will not work the next,
>even with all the known variables identical (ah, YMWillV :-)          ) but
>sure does help with giving a suggestions, and sometimes, I take them, other
>times I don't
>but I am enjoying them!!

I would think it much more important to have calculations based upon 
my own experience, YMMV you know.   I would have no idea what the 
theoretical person is like in the Bolus Wizard and would be stuck 
having to do adjustment calculations in my head based upon what I am 
like.  IMO, the Cozmo is the far superior of the systems for on-board 
insulin calculation.  Sort of like having a computer compared to a 
calculator, and you can adjust the program internally, not in your 

Either way, you must still rely on what is in your head.     :>)


>----- Original Message -----
>Tad wrote, in part: I would not recommend the
>>  bolus wizard for a new pumper, IMHO.  I believe it is important to
>>  understand what calculations are being made so you don't always have to
>>  accept what the pump tells you.  The pump doesn't know everything--it's
>>  calculations should be treated as "recommendations" only and tempered
>  > with judgment that comes from knowing your own body.  As always, YMMV.
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