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[IP] Encouragement-new pumper

Cathy asked:
I received my Paradigm Minimed
pump in the mail and will be going for two sessions with a trainer in
the next two weeks. Currently I am on lantus and humalog and I probably
will start using the pump with humalog. My carb to insulin ratio is 1 to
7. I am still in shock over my diagnoses and I am still trying to figure
out how to eat and exercise on insulin therapy. Looking for any advice
or encouragement. thanks
Sharon Replied:
I found that exercising with the pump has been easier than exercising on the
shots. I usually eat before I exercise, cutting my meal bolus in half or
giving myself 3/4 the dose. When I was going through my pump training, I was
on a long acting insulin too giving myself the dose to cover my meal. You
could do the same thing with your Lantus and humalog combination-check with
your diabetes educator too. It is almost trial and error, myself with some
experience pumping, I still make mistakes but just take care figuring dosages.
I know my system of half to 3/4 dose works for me, if I am a little high after
the exercise - I just correct it by adding insulin and if I am low, I have a
little snack. For myself, pumping has freed me rather than hindered me from
doing things I like to do. Sharon B and Buckwheat
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