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[IP] other places to get IV prep wipes

Pam asked:
 am looking for a place to purchase the IV PREP PADS cheaper than Medtronics
MiniMed.  One box is $12 for 50 which I think is outrageous.  I found the
Uni-Solve at my pharmacy but, for what reason I don't know, they cannot get
the IV PREP PADS.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Pam Robert
Pumping 2 months
Sharon replied:
Check medical supplies stores that sell ostomy supplies, etc. We have a couple
of them here in town. I don't know if they any cheaper. My insurance pays for
IV Prep when I order the rest of my supplies. You can also use Betadine skin
cleanser or plain Betadine - put a little on a q-tip and scrub your skin. Make
sure it dries though or just scrub in the little area where the introducer
needle is injected. For a while, I got away with scrubbing my skin until I got
an infection that prompted me to scrub again! I learned the hard way! Happy
pumping. Sharon B and Buckwheat
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