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[IP] Re: Is the Paradigm update worth it?

I just got my Cozmo (I know, I know, different pump) but LOVE the on board
insulin features, correction options,and using carbs to determine how much
insulin, and the pump DOES give the recommendations, and you still have to
say YES/NO, and all t he calculations are based on things input on your pump
(target BG level, carb ratio, how long insulin lasts for you, and how much
insulin it takes you to move XX points on the BG scale, etc)  We know these
things are estimates, and that what works one day will not work the next,
even with all the known variables identical (ah, YMWillV :-)          ) but
sure does help with giving a suggestions, and sometimes, I take them, other
times I don't

but I am enjoying them!!

----- Original Message ----- 
Tad wrote, in part: I would not recommend the
> bolus wizard for a new pumper, IMHO.  I believe it is important to
> understand what calculations are being made so you don't always have to
> accept what the pump tells you.  The pump doesn't know everything--it's
> calculations should be treated as "recommendations" only and tempered
> with judgment that comes from knowing your own body.  As always, YMMV.
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