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[IP] Re: Is the Paradigm update worth it?

I just upgraded to the 512 and am very pleased.  I find the unused 
insulin calculations the most helpful since trying to figure that out 
always made my brain explode, especially if I did a dual wave bolus. 
The carb/insulin calculations are nice, but I would not have done the 
upgrade for that alone.  Being able to adjust my basal rate as a 
percentage is also a nice touch--makes that temp basal for exercise 
easier.  I also use the post-bolus reminder all the time.  That really 
helps me to fine-tune my control.  Overall, the upgrade reduces a lot of 
the cranial slalom activities involved in dosing insulin.  Now, if they 
would only make a carb counter feature...  I would not recommend the 
bolus wizard for a new pumper, IMHO.  I believe it is important to 
understand what calculations are being made so you don't always have to 
accept what the pump tells you.  The pump doesn't know everything--it's 
calculations should be treated as "recommendations" only and tempered 
with judgment that comes from knowing your own body.  As always, YMMV.
Tad Somes

----------- Original Message ------------
Nancy Morgan wrote:
I'm trying to find threads on whether you think that the Paradigm update 
(from 511 to 512) is worth it.  I'm sitting here contemplating that 
non-reimbursed, nearly $500 expenditure, and just not sure.  Who's done 
it, and are you happy about the differences in the new pump?
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