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Re: [IP] need to ask ?? about medicare coverage

Medicare will pay 80% of the cost for strips, meter .  If you Aunt has a
supplement coverage i.e. AARP Plan J  it will pay 50% of drugs RX's.
Depending on how many drugs she is on , she could save a lot with a
Most ALL States do the strips and meter  bit. Can't think of any that don't.

I've been a diabetic since I was 5 yrs old (1940)  There are even some on
here that are older than me (if that is possible :) And they love to answer
questions , so you should get several more.


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From: "leann marcucci" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Saturday, October 18, 2003 12:22 PM
Subject: [IP] need to ask ?? about medicare coverage

> hello all,
> my aunt was diagnosed type 2 last thursday. fasting 113, 2 hour ogtt 257.
> supposedly her doc gave her starlix but said it's "optional". besides
> to deal with a lack of knowledge my aunt has no idea what medicare covers.
> said she called "some number on tv" that said she'd send her a free meter
> that medicare will cover the strips (she's 67).
> what i'm trying to find is someone who may be able to tell me does
> vary by state? is there some generality of what medicare covers- brands of
> meters, brands of strips, etc. do you get to pick? are there different
> medicare plans that we might have to determine which one she has to
> what's covered?
> i am beside myself that my aunt got the 10 minute "hey loose weight and
> these pills" education from her doc. no mention of nutrition counseling,
> nothing. the only reason she had an ogtt is because it's "a new thing" in
> doc's office. she went out to dinner friday nite, had PASTA, and had her
> friend who has a meter with her. one hour after eating-235. and she
> think she "really needs pills".
> grrrrrrrrrrr... so i am trying to help her with the medicare part to see
if i
> have anything she can have. she has no money and is in a very rual area in
> northern va. i'm trying to see if medicare covers cde, dietitians, etc.
I'm 29
> and don't know any type 2 on medicare personally so i'm hoping this list
> help.
>  i would truly appreciate it!!!
> thanks!
> leann marcucci
> dx'd 8/00
> email @ redacted
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