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Re: [IP] Gestational Diabetes, then Type 1

As I understand it, Type 1 is now considered to be an auto-immune where 
they body kills off the insulin producing cells.  Thus person becomes  
insulin dependent.
Type 2 can progress to being insulin dependent.  The beta-cells become 
depleted from the unknown inherited factor which causes IR &/or kills 
off the insulin producing cells, most or all. (Not Auto-immune process.) 
Thus the person becomes insulin dependent.
IMO, this can occur in course of Type 2 disease, or Type 2 brought on by 
some environmental triggers if one carries the Type 2 gene.  Linda

>Not all Type 1's are auto-immune, so I don't think that's today's definition
>of it.  From what I understand, the big differences are that they tend to be
>insulin-sensitive rather than insulin-resistant, have little to no insulin
>production and develop ketones and the propensity for DKA rapidly in the
>absence of insulin.
>dx'd T1 3/02, pumping 8/02
>>Could it be Type 2 insulin using, or Type 2 insulin dependent, as in
>>definition of Type 1 being  insulin dependent, but not today's
>>definition as of Type 1 being  auto-immune.  Linda K
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