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[IP] trouble with tubing

My 6 yr old daughters MM quickset tubing breaks off at the same spot. 
Its happened about 10 times in the past 2 yrs. The last time was this 
friday at school. I was going crazy trying to find out why she was over 
400.  First it bends then it starts to break. It will go through the 
first (outside) tube then the inside one. Sometimes it just bends & 
cracks. When it does this it will let in big air bubbles in the 
tubing.Making really high BS.  We even had them untwist where the tubing 
connects to the resivor. So now I make sure their really tight.

Michelle & Howard Schlight wrote:

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>Well, it has been just over a week since I got hooked up to my new (first)
>I am having trouble with where to store the darn thing, so it doesn't
>kink/fold the tubing.  The trouble is where the tubing starts, right after
>it leaves the pump, after the hard plastic part.  I keep finding it nearly
>folded over, and it is not causing an alarm, but HAVE been having higher BG
>levels afterwards.
>I am very short, and dont' have much room between shoulders and waist nor
>between waist and rear.   when i sit (slouch) seems like I just cannot find
>a place it doesn't fold.  (I know, I know, stand up all day, as I have not
>had much trouble when standing, shopping, teaching, etc. only when sitting)
>I have tried my pocket (pants) and the pump turns sideways and then the tube
>folds on the side of the pocket  (I have though of making all the pockets
>not so wide, but really am trying to avoid that, might want to put my hands
>in there some day)
>I have tried on the waistband, with the pump pointing up (folds against ME,
>where I slouch) with the pump facing down (inside pants (not bad, but still
>bends tubing on my slouching/plump parts and with the pump facing sideways.
>Sideways seems to be the best, but the fact that I am so round, it is like a
>tangent line on the edge of a circle, and the end, with the tubing sticking
>out, is still getting bent, either on my overshirt or other things (it is
>out from the body about 1" near the end of the pump, due to my roundness)
>I have tried the bra thing, and that works great (lumpy, tho) with the pump
>facing down, as long as I am upright, but if is sit, then the tubing going
>down gets folded against me...if I  put the tubing upwards, not as bad, but
>this is not a place for church, the doctor's office etc where I can't get to
>it (LOL) and it is VERY lumpy looking, as the pump is bigger than anything I
>have developed over the years
>cant hang it under my arm, as being a Cozmo, it is too thick (might need to
>move my arm)
>around the thigh won't work with pants, and besides the shape of my legs
>makes anything around it slide right down
>anyway, I have tried lots of stuff, and right now, need to get it out often
>to check on things, etc. and am really struggling with it, and knew SOMEONE
>here would have a suggestion that I have not tried, and that would allow me
>to sit during the day <grin>
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