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Re: [IP] What's your basal supply as a % of your TDD?

Have you tested your basal rates during the different time periods as
"Pumping Insulin" suggests?  I would concentrate on fine-tuning your basals
that way first before worrying about exact percentages in your TDD.  I
myself, eat a low-carb diet on  most days, so the recommended 45-60% basal
rate does not work for me.  Because of my diet, my TDD averages 14 units,
with my basal being 9.6 (approximately 70%).  I have the occasional day
where I eat more carbs and my TDD may go up to 20 units, so on those days my
basal rate would fit the formula.

You need to get your basals figured out correctly first before you know if
your insulin to carb ratio is accurate.  As far as non-diabetics using 45%
of their total daily insulin as basal, keep in mind that they probably also
eat more carbs - or at least aren't counting them.  Also remember that these
are only guidelines based on averages and how many carbs the average person
consumes in one day.  So you have to take into account how many carbs you
actually eat in a day, your activity level, etc. before you adjust your
doses based on percentages.  And always remember, YMMV.


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Sent: Saturday, October 18, 2003 2:32 PM
Subject: [IP] What's your basal supply as a % of your TDD?

> Dear IP'ers,
> I'm in the process of tweaking my basal rates because of some trends of
> unsafe low BGs.
> In the Walsh & Roberts book, Pumping Insulin (3rd ed.) (p. 95) it mentions
> that research studies show that the nondiabetic individual uses about 45%
> the body's total daily insulin production as basal insulin. It goes on to
> mention that ones basal rates should make up between 45% to 60% of your
> (total daily dose). Checking my basal rates (via my MM508) I note that my
> basals comprise ~33% of TDD. This could explain my trends of lows,
> being due to excessive bolusing for meals (although my insulin:carb ratio
> seems accurate). However, when I tweak some approapriate basals higher to
> move closer to the 45% of TDD I'm running into problems of hypos when
> avoiding meals. So, it seems that I don't have much lattitude to increase
> basals upwards to move closer to the 45% - and, yes, I may have done the
> tweaking at the wrong times in my 24hr basal cycle - I'm working on that.
> But the question to you IPers out there is: what's your percentage of
> supply with respect to your TDD?? I'm keen to find out if & why I'm
> seemingly out of the normal range!
> Thanks.
> - Leszek Vincent
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