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[IP] What's your basal supply as a % of your TDD?

Dear IP'ers,

I'm in the process of tweaking my basal rates because of some trends of
unsafe low BGs.
In the Walsh & Roberts book, Pumping Insulin (3rd ed.) (p. 95) it mentions
that research studies show that the nondiabetic individual uses about 45% of
the body's total daily insulin production as basal insulin. It goes on to
mention that ones basal rates should make up between 45% to 60% of your TDD
(total daily dose). Checking my basal rates (via my MM508) I note that my
basals comprise ~33% of TDD. This could explain my trends of lows, possibly
being due to excessive bolusing for meals (although my insulin:carb ratio
seems accurate). However, when I tweak some approapriate basals higher to
move closer to the 45% of TDD I'm running into problems of hypos when
avoiding meals. So, it seems that I don't have much lattitude to increase my
basals upwards to move closer to the 45% - and, yes, I may have done the
tweaking at the wrong times in my 24hr basal cycle - I'm working on that.

But the question to you IPers out there is: what's your percentage of basal
supply with respect to your TDD?? I'm keen to find out if & why I'm
seemingly out of the normal range!

- Leszek Vincent
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