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[IP] need to ask ?? about medicare coverage

hello all,
my aunt was diagnosed type 2 last thursday. fasting 113, 2 hour ogtt 257.
supposedly her doc gave her starlix but said it's "optional". besides having
to deal with a lack of knowledge my aunt has no idea what medicare covers. she
said she called "some number on tv" that said she'd send her a free meter and
that medicare will cover the strips (she's 67).
what i'm trying to find is someone who may be able to tell me does medicare
vary by state? is there some generality of what medicare covers- brands of
meters, brands of strips, etc. do you get to pick? are there different
medicare plans that we might have to determine which one she has to determine
what's covered?

i am beside myself that my aunt got the 10 minute "hey loose weight and take
these pills" education from her doc. no mention of nutrition counseling, no
nothing. the only reason she had an ogtt is because it's "a new thing" in her
doc's office. she went out to dinner friday nite, had PASTA, and had her
friend who has a meter with her. one hour after eating-235. and she doesn't
think she "really needs pills".

grrrrrrrrrrr... so i am trying to help her with the medicare part to see if i
have anything she can have. she has no money and is in a very rual area in
northern va. i'm trying to see if medicare covers cde, dietitians, etc. I'm 29
and don't know any type 2 on medicare personally so i'm hoping this list can

 i would truly appreciate it!!!

leann marcucci
dx'd 8/00

email @ redacted
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