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[IP] another voice re. aspartame and fiber

This is just to say we are all different.

Re. aspartame: I am very allergic to aspartame. It will put me to bed for
several days with vertigo. It took me over 2 years to figure this out and
naturally I avoid it like the plague. I'm not allergic to regular protein so
I'm clueless why it reacts so strongly in my system. But lest we send the msg.
that aspartame is safe for all people, I wanted to enter a word of caution.

Re. fiber: I have to account for all fiber as carbs. I've tried a number of
times to ignore it, like most people can and my blood sugars soar. So again,
your mileage may vary. You know the low carb stuff with x number of carbs to
actually count - well I have to count ALL carbs, or I'm toast.

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