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[IP] upgrade to a paradigm 512

Nancy wrote:
Subject: [IP] Is the Paradigm update worth it?

I'm trying to find threads on whether you think that the Paradigm update
511 to 512) is worth it.  I'm sitting here contemplating that non-reimbursed,
nearly $500 expenditure, and just not sure.  Who's done it, and are you happy
about the differences in the new pump?

Nancy Morgan
Mom of Jenna, age 14.5, dx'ed 2/98, pumping since 9/98 (Disetronic H-tron
for 4 years, Minimed 508 for 6 months, now Paradigm 511 for 1 year)
Sharon replied:
I upgraded from the 511 to the 512, so far it seems worth it. The bolus wizard
has been correct every time. I'm still not using the BD logic too much. The
meter link option is shut off because I am still using up my strips for my one
touch ultra-that meter is still very new and I seem to like that meter better.
I do think the meter-pump link is pretty innovative, I don't like that it
causes the battery for the pump to be used sooner. I am also at a bad time in
my life where I don't want to take the time to do something differently. I
will get to it one of these days when my one touch ultra's strips run out. I
do think it is worth it to upgrade. Take care and happy pumping.Sharon B and
Buckwheat (Gumby and Gumby, Jr. were traded in for newer models).
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