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RE: [IP] Re: Bad Site Stuff LONG

Don, I don't remember what infusion sets, insulin type or which pump you are
using and I also only have experience with a pump since the first part of
July. We're all different, however, I'm using the ultraflex with an Animas
pump and Humalog and so far, knock on wood, have only had two occlusions,
both my fault when I first learned how to insert the cannula, and things
have gone exceptionally well in my opinion. Have you contacted your trainer
about any of these problems?


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The first 2 bolus were in a bad site/set, did not appear to absorb any of
them, But I guess it is possible.
In the past, the sites acted the same, no matter how much I injected it had
no effect on the glucose then or even later after I put in a new set at a
different site.

Had to change the set again this afternoon, about 4:30pm, and bolused 1
unit.(glucose 260)
Now after supper, 60 carbs, 2 unit bolus at 6pm    at 7:45pm  glucose is

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