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Re: [IP] Re: Bad Site Stuff LONG


  First of all you need to take a deep breath.  After re-reading what MArgo 
posted it does look like you did a few different boluses in a short period of 
time.  Unless the insulin reaction time for you is only .5 - 1.0 hour you 
really did over bolus which caused the larger drop.

Also, you need to take into consideration that this disease, Diabetes, has a 
mind of its own. One day you may eat the exact things, exact same quantities 
and bolus the exact same amount from a previous day and the results will be 
 totally different. Oh well...that is life with this disease. You cannot expect
absolute perfection.

Do remember the "Unused Insulin Rule"...see PI.  This is very important.  A 
lesson we have learned the hard way with Josh.....UUGGHH!!!!!  We guesstimate 
 that Novolog acts in Josh and is done roughly 2-3 hours. We have his Cozmo set
up at 2.  Therefore his pump always calculated the unused rule automatically 
for us.

Subcutaneous absorption is not as fast acting as direct venous route.  So 
 there will be a delay for the action of the insulin. Give it time. You need to
learn your own body's rhythm.

Good luck!

mom to Joshua
dxd 8/07 @ age 5.5
Dis H-Tron+ 12/99 @ age 8
Deltec Cozmo "Pumpy" 8/03 @ age 11.5
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