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[IP] Re: Artificial sweeteners affect on blood sugar

Actually, this is true.  Powdered sweetners usually use something like corn
starch to give in the same volume as sugar.  This, however, contains carbs.
It does not contain the same number of carbs as sugar itself...but it does
contain carbs.

However, foods that are cooked with aspartame, etc., don't need to add
this...so things like Diet soda don't contain extra carbs...but that packet
of Equal may.  (Sucralose, for example, is 600 times sweeter than sugar...so
they have to add something to make up for the volume

One packet of Equal contains less than one gram of carbs.  :-)


> Where did this assertion come from? I've been using 4-5 packets a day of
>powdered Nutrasweet (Equal) and Sweet n Low for years, and have never, ever
>any increase in blood sugar as a result. That is contrary to everything
>ever heard from any diabetes professional. If I couldn't sweeten my coffee
>these substances I'd be in big trouble! Pam
><But when sold in powdered form, under such brand names as
>Sweet'n Low, Equal, The Sweet One, Sunette, Sugar Twin, Splenda, and
>these products usually contain a sugar to increase bulk, and will
>raise blood sugar. They are all orders of magnitude sweeter tasting
>sugar. >
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