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Re: [IP] Re: Fiber and Carb Counting

>From Michael Kurtis   email @ redacted

I eat a very high fiber diat. Breakfast alone includes at least 20 gms. By
the end of the day it usually totals 30-45 gms. I calculate subtracting
fiber even if its only 1 or 2 gms. I find I was able to work our a carb:
insulin ratio that fit like a glove where as in the past before doing this
I found fluxuations I could not keep under control. My HbA1c was at 5.4
over the summer when last tested.

Good Luck

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Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2003 14:24:37 +0000
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Subject: Re: [IP] Re: Fiber and Carb Counting

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 I think the reasoning behinds such a rule (ignoring the first 5 grams of
etc.) is not due to any technical reason, but instead, practical reason.

 Most food with carbs has 1-2 grams of fiber. Typically, such small amounts
ignored by most people...so a 24 carb food is treated as 24 carbs, not 22
(presuming it has 2 grams of fiber). Anyhow, meal boluses have been
to account for this level of fiber...so technically, your bolus is
ASSUMING there is fiber. However, once the level of fiber rises above a
threshhold...now it needs to be removed for the purpose of calculating and
preventing going low.

 So, ignoring the first 5 grams is just a way to make sure your bolus
calculations are accurate from a practical standpoint.

 If, however, you calibrated your boluses ALWAYS subtracting fiber (even in
1 or
2 grams amounts), then you should ALWAYS subtract ALL of the fiber.


>This has been my experience also.  I pretty much ignore the fiber when
>bolusing for carbs unless there is an unusually large amount of fiber,
>doesn't happen that often.  A dietician told my CDE that you should only
>subtract the grams of fiber when they are over 5 and then only the
>difference between the first 5 and the remainder.  According to that
>for your tortilla with 8 grams, you would only subtract the difference of 5
>and 8 from your total carb count, which would be 3.  But then I've read
>other sources (don't remember where) that you're supposed to subtract
>anything over 4 or anything over 3.  Seems to be a lot of conflicting
>information on this subject.
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