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Re: [IP] Flu shot question

Hi.  After discussions with my MD about the timing of my flu shot this 
year, I've come away with a new perspective on the process.  The way I 
understand it (now) is tha flu season peaks at different times around 
the country.  Here in Northern New England It is recommended to time the 
flu shot (for me) between Halloween and Thanksgiving.  Perhaps for your 
area Dec. 1 is still "within the window".

If you are confused, I would suggest that you call your doctor's office 
back and have them walk you through it, at your pace.  Perhaps you may 
feel that this is a bit troublesome for the office, but I expect that 
they only wish all of their patients were as on top of things as you 
seem to be.
Good Luck,

On Thursday, October 16, 2003, at 10:15  PM, email @ redacted wrote:

> It's that season again.  I developed shingles about three weeks ago and 
> called my doctor's office to ask about getting a flu shot--ie., any 
> problems with it if your system is low on immunity.  --- Of course now 
> that I've thought about it, I'm confused.  I think  I need a second 
> opinion from IP.  Any thoughts?
> Barbara
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