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sounds like you figured out THOSE Instructions!!! mighty fast!!

and if that is not what they meant, then they won't use THOSE words agian,
will they?

might be wise to not do more than one 'experiment' at once (ie: wait until
BG is 'normal' again before trying another?

who NEVER got THOSE instructions, but then, I wore one to attempt to
determine basals pre pump :-)

also, it is SO heavy and bulky compared to the pump!!
----- Original Message ----- 

> My wife just got hooked up on the MM CGMS (Continuous Glucose Monitor). I
> was wondering if any of you had any advice. Our MM rep came to the house
> hooked her up. She said if we had any foods we have trouble with or are
> curious about what goes on, she should eat them while she has the monitor
> in. Went to Pizza Hut for lunch :) Hope that's what she had in mind.
> Bill French
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